After about a year of working/volunteering at a local urban farm on the weekends, I offered to help my boss out with her life's work that she had been writing for over a decade. She was terminally ill and needed help completing the book. A friend of mine, Tina Arons, had started to edit and lay it out, but the scope of the project was too enormous even for her. This is where I stepped in. I spent close to a year editing the text, going back and forth with Elizabeth to be sure I understood what she was trying to communicate. 
Then I laid the book out, added amazing photos of Elizabeth's farm by local designer and photographer Rachel Marek, and crowdfunded the printing process on Indiegogo. I established Permaculture Press, registered ISBNs to self-publish the book, and managed all communications with the printing company.
The book was sold on Amazon and in the weekend shop - Elizabeth Anna's Urban Farm & Market in Fort Worth, Texas.
I also designed a photo-rich PDF optimized for devices, with interactive Table of Contents, available for purchase here. (I am no longer involved - Elizabeth Anna's will receive those payments.)
The Unconventional Edible Garden: Growing Food in Texas and Other Hard and Difficult Places is a month-by-month growing guide with concise monthly to-do lists, planting instructions, permaculture musings, and personal memoirs.
● 8×10,″ 140 pages, Softcover
● Sturdy, hidden-wire binding
● Full-color photos throughout
● Journal space for each month
● Dot-grid paper for each season
● To-do lists for each month
● Stories from Elizabeth’s life
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